Let babies breathe easily with BabyVac

When young children and babies get congested, it can be difficult to help. They’re too little to blow their noses or effectively get rid of the blockage, and traditional decongestion methods such as steam and vapour can be dangerous. This is why scientists have developed efficient decongestant methods for use with the very young to effectively clear blocked noses and allow easy breathing once again.

What is BabyVac for?

BabyVac is a nasal aspirator designed for use in small children, which means it’s small and gentle especially for tiny noses. Instead of relying on children to blow mucus out of their nose, the BabyVac is a tiny vacuum which can be placed inside the nasal cavity to suck the mucus out from your child’s nose. BabyVac is designed for use in children suffering from congestion. Most commonly, this is when your child has a cold or flu during the winter months, or if your child suffers from seasonal allergies such as hay fever. The BabyVac can safely and effectively draw the mucus from your child’s nose during these difficult times to allow both of you the space to rest.

How does BabyVac work?

The BabyVac nasal aspirator is designed to be easy to use and keep clean during those difficult times when your baby or small child is ill. To use the BabyVac, all you need to do is assemble the device according to the instructions and connect it to your household vacuum cleaner. Next, sit your child on your knee and hold them close. Gently position the evacuator of the BabyVac so that it’s covering one nostril, and hold it for a couple of seconds while discharge is collected. You can repeat this process in both nostrils multiple times a day as and when needed, and the BabyVac can easily be cleaned between uses in hot, soapy water.

Why is BabyVac so important?

Anyone who’s ever tried to soothe a crying baby or toddler suffering from a bad cold can tell you how difficult it is to ease respiratory symptoms in the very young. They are too little to understand why they feel so under the weather, as well as being unable to clear their sinuses themselves. Not only can BabyVac make your baby much more comfortable during an illness, but its effectiveness at clearing out the nasal passages can also improve your baby’s health and help them to fight off a virus faster. This is partly because, when babies and young children have very blocked noses, they usually sleep and eat less. By using BabyVac, your baby will sleep more easily and start to build an appetite. If you want to make sure you’re fully prepared next time your baby or child is ill, purchase a BabyVac and see what it can do. It’s the most effective way to quickly and comfortably clear your baby’s nose and allow both of you to get some rest.