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You can put to nose of your children medical salt - then discharge will be more runny and more easy to clearing
Use device BabyVac and remove discharge from nose of child, it will be easy and fully safe
nose care
You can also take care of mucosa in nose of child and use medical salt after clearing

Baby Vac Arianna Nasal Vacuum Aspirator Nose Cleaner + Special Cleaning Brush Included


About BabyVac

A running nose for babies and toddlers is very common. One of the major problems is that a small child is not yet capable to blow his/her nose and it will take some time before an infant or a baby will learn to breathe through the mouth. Snuffles will hinder breathing, make them feel discomfort, and may lead to more serious health problems concerning the ear, nose, throat and the inferior respiratory tracts. Therefore it is very important to keep the nasal cavity clear. The Arianna Baby-Vac Nasal Aspirator is by far the best alternative for this purpose.


Yes, of course, mainly if the baby cannot breathe through its nose or if the nose is snuffled. When a baby can not breathe through its mouth, it can neither suck or sleep.

No, it isn't. As the apparatus sucks with the help of the vacuum cleaner, but not with its strength. The apparatus adjusts itself. As the vacuum cleaner makes it possible to suck continuously, the secretion can be removed from all parts of the nose.

Children usually don't like if somebody is picking their nose, but an ear-ache and other complications can be more serious. If the secretion is not removed properly with the help of the Baby-Vac these complications are more likely to develop.

As often as the child snuffles or his/her nose needs to be blown.

No, there aren't. Similar to blowing your nose.

The secretion can not be removed from the nasal cavities, unless you have strong continuous suction.

It depends on the child. Some of them are afraid at first, but later they get used to it. Some children even try to use it alone, but it's better if the parents use the apparatus.

The Baby-Vac doesn't need to be sterile. It's enough to sterilize the evacuator (A) by putting it into boiling water occasionally. If you use it continually it's enough to wash the whole apparatus with hot soapy water and then rinse